10 Cool YouTube Channels for Kids


YouTube is a huge online source for videos, which we all know.  You can find anything from gaming videos, to how to’s and more.  While YouTube is full of valuable information, there are also some things on there that just aren’t good for younger kids.  About a year ago my kids were really into Super Mario Brothers.  Well, they figured out a way to get onto the iPad, open the YouTube app and search for a cheat for Super Mario Brothers.  I have to say I was fine with this and thought it was pretty cool they figured all this out by themselves.  What harm could really be done by this?  Well, a couple of days later I was sitting in the dining room working.  I heard them o the iPad and some guy was talking about Mario Brothers.  All of a sudden, this guy just starts swearing up and down and couldn’t believe it So from that moment on, I realized you really do have to watch what your kids are doing online.  So I developed a list of 10 Cool YouTube Channels for Kids.

As a piece of advice, there is an app for kids called YouTube Kids.  Every since I found this, it has been great.  It’s funny because when this happened, my kids were 7 and 5.  I knew they understood the iPad, but I also knew they didn’t know how to get to Safari and look around.  However, I never thought about YouTube.  Anyways here are some Cool YouTube Channels for Kids.

10 Cool YouTube Channels for Kids

This is a pretty cool channel.  They have live feeds of Bald Eagle in Flordia.  Just a cool channel to chill out to and let the kids see Eagles up close and personal.  Visit Southwest Florida Eagle Cam Channel.


This is just a guy who hands out with Lions.  A great way to see them up close and personal.  Now I wouldn’t want to be that close, but luckily we live in an age where video cameras are small and we can see his world through the safety of our computer.  Visit The Lion Whisperer Channel.


A very cool channel dedicated for science and science experiments.  Visit HooplaKidzLab Channel.


Some cool short films for the kids to watch.  Who doesn’t love the classic Disney characters?  Visit Mickey Mouse Channel.

Up close and personal with the animals.  The films are very long, some of them are just a couple of minutes.  Perfect time for the kids before they loose interest.  Visit Houston Zoo Channel.


If your kids are into LKegos, this is an awesome channel.  Very creative and love the animation.  I actually watch this more than my kids.  Visit Lego Channel.


If your kids are younger, they will enjoy this channel.  Has some good educational videos plus some funny videos that the kids will love. Visit PBS Channel.



This is another pretty cool channel.  If your kids are too young, it might be a little over their heads.  I find some of the videos fascinating even for me at 43 years old.  Visit Minute Physics Channel.


Another educational channel that would be for older kids who are just starting to get into science and science experiments.  They make science fun.  Visit The Brain Scoop Channel.


And you thought I would forget the classic of all time.  Not a chance.  Visit Sesame Street Channel.

As you know there a lot of cool channels on YouTube.  Share with us what you or your kids like.

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