10 Weird Things Found on Amazon


As you know Amazon isn’t just the largest online retail store, but they are one of the largest companies around.  Back in the day, Amazon started out selling books.  Since then they have sold just about everything under the sun.  In fact, they have now gone beyond retail sales with products like the Firestick, Alexa, Kindle and more.  I thought it would be cool to search around and see what weird products I could find.  I tend to surf a lot and have found weird things on Homedepot.com, so why not try Amazon.  So here are a 10 Weird Things Found on Amazon list.  I know this is a top 10 list, but I found a couple of bonus products.  While the products are weird, take the time and read some of the reviews people left.  They will crack you up and make your day.

10 Weird Things Found on Amazon


13UFO Detector

OK, I get it.  There are some fun gag gifts out there.  However, this probably tops them all because of the price.  Believe it or not, this retails for $88.  That’s a heck of a gag gift.  The scary thing is, I wonder how many people bought this because they really believed it was real.  Check out the reviews of this detector as they are funny.  Read about the UFO Detector.

12Inflatable Toast

OK, I have to admit, I am a little lost with this product.  Sure if it was French Toast, I would get it, but not regular toast.  Where does this fit?  Is it a gag gift?  It’s 6″ wide, so you can’t use it as a fun flotation device.  Not really sure about this product and that is why it fits in this category.  Read about Inflatable toast

11Scented Popcorn Microbead Pillow

This is a little scary.  While I love butter popcorn, I would be too afraid to sleep on this pillow.  I would either eat the pillow at night while I am sleeping or wake up and want butter popcorn throughout the whole day.  Read about the Butter Popcorn Pillow.

10Peanut Butter Cup Candy Corn

Let’s just say this candy had a good run, but it’s time to give it up.  Seriously, do people even eat candy corn?  Even my kids can’t stand the taste of it.  Sure back in the day when this was the only option for candy, I could see why people ate this.  But in today’s world, I just don’t get it.  Now candy corn is nasty by itself.  Now just imagine adding peanut butter flavor.  However there were a couple of people who liked this, so I guess I am the crazy one.  Check out the Candy Corn.

9Muscle Man Pillow

I see that people love this pillow, but sorry, I just can’t understand it.  Yes, it’s a little weird to me.  Yes, I understand that holding onto a pillow at night is nice, but this is a little creepy for me.  No, it’s not the pillow and the idea that are creepy, it’s the nipple.  I would understand a pillow that you can cuddle up with, but when you take time and add a nipple, well that is just a little weird.  What are people doing with these pillows?  The Muscle Pillow.

8The Face Blanket

This had to be invented by Dumb Donald.  Seriously, who gets a cold face?  My luck would be I would put this on, fall asleep, wake up and forget I had it on.  Then i would go to the bank and all hell would break loose.  I have to admit, I love people.  This has some of the best reviews.  Not sure how many are real and how many are in there for a great laugh.  Read about the Hoddie

7Senior Woman Peel and Stick Decals

Is there really someone looking for this?  I could only image someone sitting at their computer thinking I really need a decal of an old lady using an inhaler.  Now it can’t be small, it has to be large.  It has to be something I can stick on the wall.  Another mystery product.  Read about the wall decal.

6Infant Circumcision Trainer

Is this the replacement for the classic operation game?  I really can’t imagine anyone really using this or I hope not.  I am just glad I never knew about this before I had kids.  I would have been questioning my doctor for a week and asking him how he learned.  I am not to up on a doctor doing home studies for this type of medical procedure.  Check out the weird Trainer.


5Royal EZVue 8V Electronic Organizer PDA

I have to admit this is awesome.  A personal organizer with 3MB of memory.  Who wouldn’t want this to organize their life?  I know I am going to invest in this company.  It’s funny because I am sitting here loving this product, but some day this will be obsolete.  Someday we might be able to actually have a phone that will have this capability.  I know we are way off, so I am ok buying this on for now.  Check out the organizer.

44 Pack VHS Tapes

Another awesome invention.  I just got rid of my 8-track and upgraded to VHS for all my rock music.  Ah, I love the fast forward feature with the static.  Believe it or not, this only retail for $40.  I heard a rumor last year that they stop making VHS players, but I don’t believe it.  Who would give up on this high-tech product?


33.5-Inch IBM PC Formatted Disks

I thought this was another cool product.  I am so used to having my 3.5 disks unformatted.  Who would have thought I could buy a formatted 3.5.  What is this world coming to?  The next thing you know is we will land a man on the moon.  Check out this bad boy.

2Lemon Starburst

OK, what is the deal with this?  I would understand if they were all red or all pink one.  Heck, I would even understand all orange, but yellow.  Who the heck really likes the yellow Starburst candies?  Well if you are the person that loves the yellow, you’re in luck.  A hole 2lbs just for you.  Check out the Starburst.

110 High Density 5.25″ Floppy Disks

I thought the 3.5 were high tech, but you haven’t lived life to the fullest until you have worked with the 5.25 disks.  I remember those days where you had to load one disk after another and sit there for 20 minutes before you could play a game.  Is there really a market for these?  The Floppy Disk.

OK, so that was just some of the weird things I found on Amazon.  There are a ton of other things and could come up with probably 100 different weird items.  What have you found that was weird on Amazon?

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