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About GT Today

GT Today is a family publication that is dedicated to families and their daily life. Let’s face it, families deal with different obstacles every day that single people, retired people or younger people don’t have to deal with. When we started GT Today in 2017, we wanted to create a publication that would bring people together, a community.  Our goal is to create a publication for the community where everyone can participate and everyone can learn. We know we aren’t the only family out there who has unique experiences and aren’t the only ones going through raising kids in today’s world, so we also figured we could learn from others and share our ideas.  So in essence that is really what this site is all about, not just us, but the community.

So when we designed the GT Today publication, we wanted to cover some very simple categories that most families deal with.  Our goal is to cover topics that families deal with on a day to day basis.  So when you look around you will notice some very specific categories such as the following:

Family – For family, we cover such topics as family activities, finances, education and more.  Really just about anything to do with your family.  Since family is the center of the universe, well at least in our eyes, this is a big category.

Health – By no means are we health freaks.  On the other hand, we all need to take care of ourselves since this is our only body and we want to see our kids grow up.  So we dedicated a place that has to do with eating and working out.

Reviews – Everyone buys products, takes trips and more.  We wanted a section where we and others can leave reviews.  It’s always good to get first-hand feedback from an unbiased source.  We try to stay true, unbiased and tell you like it is.  Money is tight when you have a family, so every penny counts.

Home DIY – It’s pretty satisfying to complete a task the right way and not have to fork over money.  This section provides helpful home tips, DIY information and more.

Hodgepodge – Like our lives, we have a hodgepodge section that just has an array of topics.  Funny videos, cool lists and more.

Passive Income – I have been running blogs since 1995.  As a parent, every little penny helps.  This section is for people who would like to learn a new skill and make some money on the side.  It will deal with blogging and other ways to earn a passive income.

Humor – If you begin to know us, you know we don’t take ourselves to serious.  Life is short, have fun.  So you will find a lot of different things regarding humor on the site.

About Us

You can say we are high school sweethearts as we first starting dating in high school.  We grew up in adjoining towns and first met through a friend.  We both feel very lucky to have each other and two awesome boys.

We hope you enjoy everything on GT Today.  We really want to hear from you because after all, this is a community about everyone, not just us.  Feel free to send us an email, leave a comment in an article or reach out to us on one of our social channels.  Also if you would like to write for GT Today and share your experiences and ideas, please take a look at our Guest Post section.  We always love hearing from other people.