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I started blogging in 2005, well before it was ever popular.  I remember I was at a job that I really didn’t care about or have enthusiasm.  I bought a house about 2 years earlier and was in the process of starting to do a little remodeling on my own.  When I looked around the internet, I couldn’t really find any websites that talked about different power tools.  At the time I was a huge geek for power tools, so I thought to myself that I would create a website about power tools.  So I loaded Frontpage on my computer, did a little research, grabbed a domain name and some hosting and went to town.  There is a whole sotry in between, but that is for another time.  Even though the site is regarding power tools, we still get a ton of people asking us about starting their own blog, so I decided to create this bloggers starter guide.

Now I know there are tons of people online who have created a bloggers starters guide, but I do have to warn you.  Some of the guides are great and some of them will lead you down the wrong path.  Now I am not saying I have the magic key, but I wanted to put a 10 step guide together to at least give you some idea of where to start and what’s involved with it.  It’s funny because every time I tell people I review tools, everyone thinks it’s great.  They think I just get free tools.  No one sees the work that goes behind it, the investment in time and money.  No one sees the backend work that has to be done.  Everyone just sees the FREE products and think it’s great.

So with this Bloggers Starter Guide, I want to be brief and give you some good insight into the blogging world and what to expect.  Over the years I have had my ups as well as a bunch of downs.  Some have been luck and some have been planned.  My goal is to lay out a path and give you a good starting point.  Obviously, there is more to this business than just 10 steps, but this is a great starting point.  If you look through the Passive income category, you will see a ton of other valuable information.

Again, I don’t have the magic secret, I can only give you my advice.  Do plenty of research, listen to what people are saying, but understand where they are coming from and what their intention is for to create websites about passive income.  As always, this is about a community and would love to hear from you and your experiences.  If you have questions, let me know.  Leave a comment below or shoot me an email.

I have laid this guide out to give you a brief description below.  You can click on each section to get in more detail. As time goes on, I will be adding to this bloggers starting guide. So grab some coffee, take a look below and go through each section.

Before you start your long path for blogging, there are certain things you need to know.  While blogging is fun, it can become overwhelming.  You must understand what your role is and what you are looking to get out of the blogging universe.  Read – The Truth of Blogging.


What should your blog be about?  Should it be about a hobby, something you love or something that will generate income for you?  Should I research and see what blogs are needed in the marketplace or should I write about what people tell me is the best?  Before you jump in, you need to figure out what your blog will be about.  Create a road map at the beginning will save you time and frustration down the road.  Read – Finding a Blogging Topic – Your Idea – Your Niche – Your Story


Do you have a name for your blog already picked out?  Do you need help finding one?  What about a domain name?  Picking out a name for your blog and registering a domain name is more in-depth than people like to think.  While it’s not hard and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to perform this task, you do have to plan and think about a couple of things before you run out and buy a domain.  Does the domain reflect you or your idea?  What about the company where you register your domain name?  Is it reputable and reliable?  Read – Choosing a Domain Name for Your Blog


This is going to be one of your most important aspects to your business and your blog.  Do you need a dedicated, VPS or shared hosting?  While most people pick shared and most people say shared is the way to go, it might not be your best option.  What company should you go with and who should you trust.  In the world of hosting, things can blend together and all companies can look the same.  However, there are certain things you should know and understand before you pick your hosting company.  Read – Choosing a Hosting Company for Your Blog.


When you decide to run and operate a blog, you have to think about what type of platform you will be using.  While there are a couple of different platforms to use, there is really only one choice.  Wordpress is an open source and is hands down the best platform.  However, you need to know and understand what WordPress can and can’t do for you and your blog.  Read – Choosing a Blogging Platform – The Software that Runs Your Blog.


In the beginning, this will be your biggest money maker, if your objective is to make money.  What you need to know and understand about affiliates is extremely important to you and your readers and your credibility.  Don’t let the smoke and mirrors get in your way.  You need to fully understand what affiliates mean and how you can use them to help your readers and yourself.  Read – Setting up Affiliates for Your Blog – Making Money Blogging.


Your first blog post, how exciting.  So what should it be about?  Do I write about myself, a certain topic?  Who do I write for?  Do I write for SEO, my readers or something else?  Deciding on your first topic shouldn’t be hard, but there is more than having just one article.  Read – Creating Your First Blog Post.


You have some posts that are live and you need traffic.  So where do you start?  Do you buy traffic?  Do you use social media or do you just tell your friend?  How do you get people to your blog?  Be prepared as this is the fun part, but also intensive.  Read – Promoting Your Blog – Free and Paid Ideas.


Now you have some visitors, you have more and more posts going live every day, so now you need to plan for the future.  You need to create a great foundation for your blog.  If you want to have success for your blog, you need to plan and create a road map.  Read – Building Your Blog for Success.


Can you really make your blog into a business?  Will it be a part-time gig, full-time gig or just a hobby?  If you decide to take your blog and turn it into a business, be prepared as there is a lot to learn.  It takes more than just writing some articles and posting a couple of items to your social media.  Read – Turning Your Blog into a Business.

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I grew up in a small town in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. I worked my way through DePaul University in the construction industry. After college I worked in the financial industry and school system. I have also been in the technology field for a couple of years. Currently I write for GT Today and another power tool publication, plus I am a part time firefighter. My only hobby is spending time with my wife and kids.


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