Chatbooks Funny Commercial


I am not sure how you feel about commercials today, but for me, they are all pretty lame.  Sure there are some that are attention getters, some that educate the consumer and some that bring a smile to your face.  However, I always have a hard time finding commercials interesting that grab my attention, tell me about the product and bring a smile or laugh.  Well, the other day, Tara showed me a commercial and I thought it was very clever since it held my attention, made me laugh and told me about the product, it called Chatbooks.

After watching the commercial, I downloaded Chatbooks and set up some pictures, so I really can’t review the service, but I will soon.  This is more about their commercial and I wanted to show it off.  I will be having a review of ChatBooks soon.  So for now, kick back and watch a clever commercial.  Also, let us know what commercials you like by leaving a comment below.

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