Choosing a Domain Name for Your Blog


Choosing a Domain name for Your Blog is much different than picking out a building and setting up shop.  If you own a brick and mortar store, location can be key.  With a website, your domain can be key, just as a location for a brick and mortar.  Your domain name is your business, it’s your face, it’s you.

Don’t make your domain name long.  Keep it short

Your domain name should reflect your business name.  So if your business name is ABC Marketing Blog, chances are you want  Don’t put numbers or hyphens in your domain name as it gets too complicated.  What I mean by complicated is that if you tell someone to visit your domain name, do you really want to explain that there is a hyphen, probably not.

Also, don’t use homophones.  This can make things very complicated.  Say you have a domain name  Every time you tell someone your domain name, you will have to explain that it’s not the number “4”, it’s “for”.

The two items I would stay away in my domain name are:

  • Hyphens
  • Homophones

Once yo have your domain name and you do a little bit of marketing, well let’s say you are married to that name for life.

You Domain Name is Straight Forward

I would buy a .com name if you can.  Most .com names are gone, but if you are creative, there are still a lot out there.

Where Do You Buy a Domain Name?

Here is where I am a little different than other people.  Most people want to go cheap.  While I love saving a couple of bucks, a domain name is a big investment.

I would suggest with going with a company that has been around for a long time and is big.  Sure you can get domain names for $1.00, but usually, that is an introductory rate.  The second year, they jack it up.

You want a company that is based in the US and has experience

First, you want a company that is based in the US.  Once you buy a domain name, you will be using this name everywhere and market the heck out of it.  You don’t want to find out 3 years from now that the company sold out to a state or something and now your domain is gone.  A US-based company will only sell out to other companies and never to a state there your domain could be gone.

Second is going with a big name company.  You want a company with experience for a couple of reasons.

If the company is financially sound, they probably won’t sell out to another company.  A bigger company usually has better customer service.  Not that you will need the customer service much for a domain name, but when you need it, it’s nice to have them around.

Most companies are great for domain names.  There are two places I like buying my domain names:

Don’t just jump on the first domain that comes to mind.  Run it past people and ask them what they think of then they hear the name.  Ask them to spell it for you or even say it back.

Sleep on it a couple of nights.  Since this will be your name for a long time, it’s worth it to take extra time and make sure you are truly happy with the domain name.

Next Step – Choosing a Hosting Company for Your Blog


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