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Now you have all the background information and know what to expect.  You have picked out your domain name and you are ready to rock.  So next on the list is finding a place to host your website.

If you aren’t familiar with hosting, hosting is a place you keep your website.  A hosting company has multiple servers, which are like your desktop computer at home, but much better.  When someone enters your domain name, it goes to that server and shows your website.  So who do you go to for hosting? Before we answer that question you have to know and understand what type of hosting are available for you.  This way when you shop around, you will understand why you see such a price difference.  Resources are things like ram, disk space and other hardware items in servers.

Type of Web Hosting

There are three type of hosting

  • Dedicated
  • VPS
  • Shared

Overview of each hosting

  • Dedicated – You are the only person on the server – All resources are yours
  • VPS – You share the server with a small group of other people, but you have dedicated resources
  • Shared – You share server with a lot of people and share resources

Pros to each type of hosting

  • Dedicated – Fast, reliable, no one can affect your website – Top of the line technical support
  • VPS – Middle of the road, Faster than shared, dedicated resources
  • Shared – Cost effective

Cons to each type of hosting

  • Dedicated – Pricey
  • VPS – more expensive than shared
  • Shared – slow, other people on the server can affect your website – Customer support below average

What to Look For

There are two items you want to look for in a hosting company

  • The company itself
  • The technical support

The Company

Do not go with a no name company.  Go with a big name company and one that has been around for a while.  You will see some companies advertise that they are cheap or they have great servers, but none of that matters if the company isn’t around in a year of two.  If it’s a matter of a couple bucks a month, go with a big name company.  They will usually have better customer service, better hardware and keep their services up to date.

Technical Support

This is probably the number on thing to consider, but it’s a catch 22.  When you sign up, you really don’t know how good the customer service is until you need it.  Before you sign up, try calling technical support at different times.  See how long the wait it.

My Thoughts on Hosting

Reviews Online

Before I get into my thoughts, you have to be careful about reading reviews online.  Some people make a killing of the affiliate juice from hosting companies.  People create websites, put affiliate links in there and hope you click and buy.

Now I am not saying everyone does this, but there are a ton of people who do this.  FYI, my links below are affiliates and make out of it what you want.  If you keep reading, I think you will see where I am coming from and you can decide who I put first.

Choosing a hosting company for your blog

Take out all the affiliate links and you will see there are still a bunch of people who want to steer you in the right direction.  With that said, I am not going along with the crowd on what hosting company you should pick.

All most everyone will tell you to get a shared host.  You will hear things like it’s cheaper, most people use shared hosting and so on.  Well, I am not on board with this for a couple of reasons.

Why I wouldn’t Buy Shared Hosting

Here is how I look at it.  This is your business.  You are an entrepreneur and you will run into enough headaches, hosting shouldn’t be one of them.  Yes, you can save a couple of bucks, but when you look at it, why.

If you open any other business in the work, you pay more to get started.  Even if your hosting is $100/month, that is only $1,200 per year.  Where else are you going to open a business for such a low start up cost?

Considering your hosting is your number one platform that can break you, it’s worth the cost.  Image if you have a brick and mortar store and it gets featured on the 9:00 news.  What if everyone wants to line up at your door after the new airs.  What if your power all of a sudden turned off and the doors locked.  How many people would you make mad?  How many sales would you loose.

Well, the same thing can happen with your site.  What happens if you create an article that for some reason a ton of people share.  What if they come to your site and it’s down or takes a while to load?  Think of all the viewers you will lose.  Is it worth it to save a couple of dollars?

I have gone down the shared hosting route and it was awful and here is why

  • Slow
  • Technical Support Stinks
  • Sites go down

I have used shared hosting.  Now I don’t know if I am spoiled or just had a couple bad experiences.  With my tool site, we use a VPS and I love it.  When I started this site, I signed up to inmotion hosting.  This was the biggest mistake I made.

There were times it would be very slow and take a long time to load a page.  Other times the site was down.  When I called, I would be on hold for over 20 minutes.  This was just a huge waste of time and money.  I can’t tell you how many times I was in the mood to write an article and the site was down.  The only answer I would get would be a runaround.

After about two months of this, I finally moved.  I don’t remember the company, but I do know it was shared hosting.  After about 5 days and experiencing the same exact service, I finally moved over to a VPS.

Since I have moved, the site has been up and haven’t had any issues.  When I have called customer service, the wait time was about 3 to 5 minutes.  I knew this was the way to go.  I have enough headaches in life and the business, I don’t need more with my hosting.  I don’t need to waste time and either should you.

If I had to Buy Shared Hosting

Now if you really want to keep cost low or it’s just going to be a blog for your family and friends, here are 3 that I would recommend.  These are the only three I would recommend.  I do get an affiliate commission for these, but if it was about money, I could find another shared hosting that would pay more.  This is about you, not me.  Again I am only recommending this if money is a huge issue or it’s a very small blog.


The Number One Choice – VPS

Why I would buy VPS in a heart beat

  • Fast
  • Awesome customer service
  • Reliable
  • Reliable – Yes, I know it’s on there twice

Reason 1 – Fast

My site is much faster that ever before.  Now I do have a lot to do to my site to make it quicker, but the issues are with my backend, not my hosting.  This is my business and want to make sure my door are always open and very fast to get in and look around.

Reason 2 – Customer service

My wait time has been around 3 to 5 minutes.  All the people I have talked to are very knowledgeable.  No one has been in a rush to get me off the phone and they have explained everything in detail.  Again, it’s my business and the more help I get, the better.

Reason 3 – Reliable

The most important reason is the reliability.  I want to make sure my door is always open to anyone who comes.  I want to make sure my backend is as tight as possible and no unwanted traffic can get in.  I know what my resources are and no one can affect what I am doing.

My number one choice is Liquid Web.

So why Liquidweb?  I use to be with a company called Wiredtree for about 7 years and they were awesome.  They always went above and beyond for me.  In 2017, they were bought out by Liquidweb.  At first, I was sad and thought about moving, but I gave them a shot and stayed.  I have to say they have been awesome in every way.

You can perform a whois search and see that I really do use their service and not just saying it.

With Liquidweb, you will be spending about $70/month, but iwill bebe the best $70/month.  Again i figure this.

Where else can you start a business for $70?  If the money is an issue, maybe it will help kick your butt in gear and work harder to get it off the ground so you can start making a little money and pay for itself.

Final Thought on Hosting

This is your website, your business, so run it how you want.  Personally, when it comes to hosting, I don’t want complication or headaches.  I want a company I can trust, a company who can take care of my site and my needs.  I want a hosting company that is reliable and trustworthy.

Remember hosting is one of your most important aspects of your blogging business, do go cheap.

Next Step – Choosing a Blogging Platform – The Software that Runs Your Blog

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