Family Activity Ideas

Family Activities

Spending time as a family is important.  We all know how quickly they grow up.  If you children are older, think back a couple of years when they first were learning how to walk, talk and do all the crazy things in life.  Now take a look at them today and see where they are.  If you have a bad memory like me, take out a photo album and look at old photos.  Time sure flies, doesn’t it?  It’s important to take time now while we are all healthy and can remember our names.  Not only will you cherish the moment, but it’s these times your children will remember when they get older.  What Family Activity Ideas do you have?

While there are countless activities we can do as a family, here are just a few family activity ideas we do as a family.

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Park – You can agree or disagree how we run our nation, but one thing I am sure we can all agree on is our park service being top notch.  Most communities have a great park system where there are open fields, playgrounds, and some swings.  This is a great and a cost effective way to spend a day.  You can even bring a ball or some toys and just lay around in the grass and have a great time.  There are great local and state parks available.  My kids love sports and playgrounds.  So we always bring a bat and ball, pack a picnic and hang out at the park.

Family Activity IdeasPicnic – Speaking of parks, how about a picnic.  When was the last time you and your family just went to a nice open field or set up a blanket under a tree to have a picnic?  Great idea, but you have to go during the right time of the year so the mosquitoes or fly’s don’t chase you away.  While I love having a picnic together, for some reason it just doesn’t always go the way we planned it.  Either the bugs are extremely bad or my kids don’t have the attention span to sit and eat.  Either way, we make the best of it.  If the kids want to get up and run around, that’s fine with us.  After all, it’s about them, not us.

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High School Sports – If you have children who are into sports, taking them to a local high school game can not only be fun, but inexpensive, plus a great way to support your team.  High school sports are great for children, there are bands, halftime shows and let’s not forget concession stands.  Usually, the food at high school games are inexpensive and a nice way for the kids to not only watch a game but have a treat.  No matter what time of year it is, there is always some sport going on at your high school.

Family Activity IdeasLocal Sports – If you are in a bigger community, sometimes there are semi-pro sports teams.  Most of these are very fun and don’t cost a lot.  We have the Kane County Cougars by us and it’s a blast.  You can bring your own food, lay out on the sidelines and there is always entertainment.  While we love going to the Chicago Cubs and Chicago Blackhawks, let’s face it, it’s very expensive.  With the local sports teams, not only do we get a chance to support them, but it’s so much cheaper.  A lot of the local sports teams always seems like they take that extra step to interact with the kids, which is always a plus.


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Professional Sports – This is a nice treat which we do about once a year.  When I say treat, it is because these tend to break the bank for the tickets, fo, d and parking.  If you have ever been to a professional game, you know you need to get a second mortgage out on the house in order to attend.  However, if your children are really into that sport, it’s pretty neat to take them once a year.  OK, maybe that is just an excuse for me to see the pros because my kids are more than happy to see the high school team and local ball games.  I do have to admit, they love the Chicago Cubs and really enjoy those games.

Family Activity IdeasGame Night – This is one of my favorites activities for the family, well at least until the kids start fighting.  I know board games aren’t the in thing to do anymore, but it’s inexpensive, fun and something you can do in the comfort of your own home.  While I admit that sometimes I get frustrated or a little too competitive, these are times I will always cherish.  I remember playing certain board games when I was a child.  I am sure the games you loved as kids, they will love also.

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Donuts – Taking the kids out for donuts on a Saturday morning is fun and doesn’t break the bank.  Come on, who doesn’t like donuts?I always tell the kids they can each get a donut before we go in.  For some reason, I am always leaving with a dozen donuts and a bunch of Munchkins.  I am a sucker.  It’s a treat we all love and you can even get them to go for your visit to the park.

Family Activity IdeasVideo Games – Let’s face it, the world is a different place from when we grew up.  Today technology is much different than it was back in the 80’s.  Kids love video games.  If you already have a video game system, take some time and play a couple games with them.  Sure, they will probably destroy you, but it’s all in good fun.


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Build a Fort – Now if your kids are 18 years old, this might not be for you.  However, if they are young, who doesn’t like a good fort.  You can build the fort, grab some flashlights and read some books together.  I built a frame out of PVC pipe that I can disassemble when they don’t use it.  You can always do what we did when were kids.  Grab four chairs and throw a blanket over them.

These are just a couple ideas we do as a family.  Obviously, there is a heck of a lot more options for family activities.  Movie Night, camping, Let us know what you do with your family, leave a comment below.

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