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I have worked for a number of years in the trades and one thing I can tell you is a good stud finder is hard to find.  Today it seems like every major manufacturer has some type of stud finder available.  Some detectors are great and some are just a waste of money.  As of today, I can say I found the perfect detector, which brings me to the Franklin Stud Finder Review.  Now don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t compete with the higher end detectors that go through concrete or cost thousands of dollars.  For a detector under $60, you can’t find a better detector.  So let me list my reasons why this is the best detector on the market for the price range.  Also, don’t forget to check out our Top 10 Homeowners Must Have Tools.


Franklin Stud Finder Review


Franklin Stud Finder Review

1. Accuracy

Franklin Stud Finder ReviewAs I noted before this stud detector picks up the studs, all the time, every time.  Now before I go on I have to tell you the best way to use a detector is to verify your reading.  Most people will take a detector, place it on the wall and start scanning.  Once a light shows up, they mark and drill a hole, only to find out nothing was there.  Like any detector, you can get false readings.  The best way to accurately use a detector is a scan from left to right, find the studs and make a mark.  The do it again but go from right to left.  If your marks match up, you can be pretty confident you have a stud behind the wall.  If you are still unsure, you can also do the same scan, but go lower or higher on the wall.  If you get the same mark readings, you have a very reliable reading and should be confident there is a stud.

2. Easy of Use

Franklin Stud Finder ReviewMost detectors you have numerous function in order to perform a scan.  Some you have to set the scan mode to wood or metal.  Others you have to even set the depth of the scan.  Even some of them you have to calibrate for every scan.  Sometimes it can be a little too complicated when all you want to do is hang a heavy picture or something you need to find a stud for.  With the Franklin Sensor, all you do is push a button and place against the wall, it’s that easy.  Another item Franklin incorporated into this scanner is how a scan is performed.  Most scanners you have to start on the wall, press a button, let it calibrate and then start scanning.   With the Franklin, just push the button with the unit on or away from the way.  You don’t have to worry about it calibrating or running any test. Another cool feature is this will detect wood or metal studs and you don’t need to make any adjustments.

3. Easy to Read

Franklin Stud Finder Review

As you can see by the picture, this scanner has a lucky 13 lights that will light up to show the stud.  Not all the lights will show up, but just enough lights to show the user the width of the stud.  Where every the lights are lit, you know there is a stud.  For the Franklin Stud Finder Review, I was even able to use this on my plaster walls and get a pretty good reading every time.

4. Detect Multiple Studs

Franklin Stud Finder ReviewAs I mentioned, if you find a standard stud, the unit will light up three lights.  Sometimes you will be scanning and notice three led lights with a couple led lights off and then three more led lights.  If you see this, don’t be surprised as this detector will find multiple studs in the wall at the same time. Come on, how cool is this detector?  As you can see by this picture and what i wanted to show you for the Franklin Stud Finder Review, this is detecting multiple studs in the wall.  I remodeled our bathroom a couple years back, so I know this is acturaer as in this location, there are multiple studs together.

5. Features

Franklin Stud Finder ReviewThis scanner is always scanning in deep scanning mode, which means it is scanning up to 1.5″ deep.  So if you have thick plaster or uneven wall, you don’t have to worry, it still will take a reading.  On the back of the scanner, there are two slide bars that make this easy to move along the wall.

Ok so I talked about all the pro’s, let’s touch on the con’s.  First, it would be nice to see a small case or pouch for storage.  Not a huge deal breaker, but I always like storing my stuff to keep it protected.  Second, while I haven’t dropped my stud detector, I am not 100% confident it can take a serious drop.  I understand you never want to drop any detector because of the electronics, but you never know.

Bottom line if you want a stud detector that is easy to use, reliable and won’t break the bank, you can go wrong with the Franklin ProSenor 710.  One button, deep scanning, and accuracy.

ProSensor 710 Precision Stud Finder

Ease of Use
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