Monopoly Deal – A Fun Family Night Card Game for Everyone

Monopoly Deal

Are you looking for a family night card game?  If so you might want to check out Monopoly Deal.  I know what your thinking, not a chance.  I have a theory, there are two types of people in this world.  Those that love Monopoly and those who hate it.

I get it, Monopoly is a long game, that involves numbers, strategy and a little luck of the roll.  For me, I love Monopoly.  Growing up it was always hard finding people who wanted to play, so I never played that much.  If I ever did get a chance to play, we never finished the game because I had to be home for dinner.  As for my wife, she is in the category of can’t stand it.  She thinks it’s slow, boring and takes way to long.  Griffin, my eight-year-old, love Monopoly.  So we try to get Tara to play the game, but we can never get her to sit down and play.  So if you are one of those people who can’t stand Monopoly, don’t let Monopoly deal scare you.  In fact, Monopoly Deal is one of Tara’s favorite card games and we play it all the time.

Monopoly Deal – Family Night Card Game

Unlike the traditional Monopoly that uses a board, pieces, paper money and dice, Monopoly deal uses cards and that’s it.  Unlike Monopoly where a game can take hours, Monopoly deal can take between 10 minutes and 20 minutes.

Monopoly Deal Directions

The game is geared towards children 8 and up.  We have two kids Griffin (8) and Trevor (6).  While it took a little longer to teach Trevor, we was able to pick it up and play it on his own, so it’s really not too difficult to learn and play.  This has been by far the best family night card game.  In fact, the directions are only a page long.  The game comes with four helpful cards so each player can keep one by their side, but again, once you learn the game, its easy, fast and fun.


Monopoly Deal – The Game

If you have ever played monopoly, the traditional game, Monopoly Deal uses the same premise.  The properties are the same and the game still revolves around money.  While the transition game you win by being the last person standing and wiping everyone out so they don’t have any money or property left.  With Monopoly Deal, your only goal is to collect three full properties.  Whoever gets 3 full properties first, wins the game.  Yes, it’s that easy.  Well all most, there is a twist.

To start the game everyone is dealt five cards and no one can see the cards except for your own.  Ever turn starts by drawing two cards from the center pile.  During your turn, you can only lay down a total of three cards or less.  There are only three ways to play your cards.

There are three types of cards:

  • Money Cards
  • Property Cards
  • Action Cards

All most all cards have a cash value located on the top corner.

After you draw two cards from the center pile, your turn starts.  You now have the option to lay down zero, one, two or three cards.  You can only hold seven total cards in your hands.

Monopoly DealYou have three ways to play your cards.  If you have a money card, you can put that in your bank pile.  It’s important to have money in your bank because some action cards require you to pay money.  If you have a property card, you can lay that down in front of you to make it easier to get your three full property sets.  You can also lay an Action card in the center pile such as Steal a Property, Swap a Property or any other property card.

I am not going to get into all the directions because if you buy it, the direction is self-explanatory and easy to follow.

Make Your Own Rules

We usually play with four players, Tara, Griffin, Trevor and myself.  Sometimes we make up our own game with Monopoly Deal.  What we do is have teams, two against two.  We alternate where we sit, so if I was on Tara’s team and we were against Griffin and Trevor we would sit like this.  Tara, Griffin, Myself, Trevor.  We still play the same way except you have to have six properties.

You can not talk among teammates except if someone is stealing a property such as Deal Break, Sly Deal or Force Deal.  The only thing we can say is should we stop it.  This turns out to be pretty fun because you go once through the deck and usually we don’t have a winner.  once you turn the deck over, all you really have is Action cards, so it comes to an end pretty quick.

Now sometimes Griffin and Trevor want to play where teammates can talk about everything and its actully pretty fun.  It’s more entertaining and more of a wild wild west game.

My point is that this is a fun and exciting game that everyone in your family will love.  Not only is it a great way to have some family time, but it teaches kids about money and strategy.

You can see on Amazon it has a ton of positive feedback and reviews.  With a price tag of $5, it’s well worth a game to invest in for the family and have a Family Night Card Game.

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