One Awesome Workout – Marsoc Workout – Long Card

Marsoc Workout

So you have been working out and want to take it up a notch.  Maybe you read or overheard something about the Marsoc workout and wondering what it’s all about.  If that is the case you came to the right place for the Marsoc Workout Long Card.Marsoc has two different workouts, the Marsoc Workout Short Card and the Marsoc Workout Long Card.  For today, we will be talking about the Marsoc Workout Long Card.  If you are just starting out, I would suggest starting out with the Marsoc Workout Short Card.  While it’s a shorter workout, it’s still a tough workout.

What is Marsoc

Marsoc Workout

Marsoc is the United States Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command and is the Marines component of the Joint SOC.  This is a workout to get tough people, even tougher and prepare them for their future endeavors.  So I think if it’s designed for someone who will be doing a lot more in a week, then I ever will in my life, it has to be a pretty good workout.

Why should I use the Marsoc Workout?

Marsoc is a great workout for a couple of different reasons.

  1. Cost – To perform this workout, you don’t need a workout bench or bar bells.  With the short card, you don’t even need any weights.  With the long card, it does require one weight where you lift it over your head, but in reality you don’t have to have it.
  2. Intensity – You can push as hard as you want or be as laid back as you want.  If you are in shape and in the mood, perform as much as you can without taking a break.  If you are just starting out, then you can perform the exercises slower.  You can even do less sets.
  3. Performance – Over time you will increase your endurance and performance.  The way you perform these workout will make your cardiovascular more efficient.
  4. Muscle – While you will only be using your body weight for most of the exercises, you will increase your body mass.  No not as much as lifting weights, but you also want have all the problems you get when lifting weights.

Marsoc Workout Long Card Tips

Marsoc Workout Long Card

Working out is hard not only on your body, but also your mind.  Working out is funny because before you workout, you have to phsyc yourself up and get in the mood.  When you are done working out, you feel the best in your life and are full of energy and feel great about yourself.  So what are some good types for this workout.

  1. Partner – We all know working out is easier if you have someone.  Someone who can motivate you and just keep you company.  If you don’t have someone, just put in some headphones and listen to some music.  While it’s easier if you can get a friend, wife or husband to join you, it’s not crucial and don’t let that stop you.
  2. Sleep – Don’t lose out on sleep.  Sleeping enough and having a schedule is so important for a couple of reasons.  First it helps your body recover.  You body builds muscle and recover.  Second working out is hard on the mind also.  If your tired and not thinking right, it’s much easier to get down on yourself.  Just make sure you get enough rest.
  3. Eating – Eating healthy is important.  If you are going to be doing all this work, don’t do it for nothing.  Not only will you feel better when working out, you will be providing your body with the right nutrients to rebuild during your down times.
  4. Hydration – Make sure that before, during and after your workout, you stay hydrated.  If not, you can not only hurt yourself, but loose your energy while working out.
  5. Mind Set – Understand that working out and changes don’t happen over night.  Getting in shape and loosing weight take a lot of time and dedication.  don’t get frustrated if you don’t have results in a week or two.

Marsoc Workout Long Card Exercises

The Marsoc Workout Long Card is obviously long, so I am not going to list everything with the workout.  Good things is you can download the Marsoc Workout Long Card and print it out.  This way you have it handy and right next to you when you workout.

I would suggest reading everything and not skipping over sections of the PDF as it has some valuable information.  There are four sections to this Download.

  1. Movement Preparation
  2. Calisthenics
  3. Post Workout Regeneration
  4. Nutrition and Hydration

Download the Marsoc Workout Long Card PDF

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