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Now that you have enough content on your website, it’s time to show the world what you have created.  Promoting your blog is one of the most critical items you can do for your business.  So how do you show them your creation?  Well, that is where marketing comes into play.  You need to find ways to let people know of this great place you created.  You need to drive traffic to your website.  So how is this done?  Can it be done?  Is it easy?  How much time does it take?

These questions and more are the typical questions people ask when they want the world to see their site.  Promoting your blog doesn’t have to be hard or time consuming.  This is something that everyone can do and everyone can learn.  This is a very important step to your success.

Is it Easy to Promote Your Website?

Promoting your website is simple, but there are two main components you need.

  • A Roadmap
  • Patience

Road Map – You need to have a roadmap of how you will promote your website.  Create a list of ways you want to promote your site and stay on top of it

Below I have listed a bunch of ways to promote your website.  Pick some of these ways and try them out.  See what works and what doesn’t.  Obviously, what is working, keep doing.  What isn’t working, just dump and try something else.

When you are using various tactics, measure them.  Use software like Google Analytics or the software on your social media accounts.  These platforms are great so you can measure what is working and what’s not working.  If you watch and study your stats, it will be very easy to figure out where your best bang for the buck is.  Use these numbers to help focus on what is working best.

Patience – Listen, promoting your website takes time.  There are millions of sites out there and everyone is promoting their site.  Don’t give up.  If something isn’t working, try something else.  It will take the time to get people to your site.

Yes, you will see articles that say get 10K people a day to your site, but you always have to question claims like that.  Is it the right traffic?  Is it even true?

Just understand things don’t happen overnight.

How Much Time Does it Take?

This is a very popular question when it comes to promoting your blog.  Unfortunately, there is no clear answer.  Some blogs take off like wildfire and others take a long time.  It really depends on what you put into the promotion and how willing you are to sticking with it.

If this is something you believe in, keep it up.

If you are creating a blog for money, I could only image that it would be stressful if you can’t get traffic.  All the blogs I have started, none were set up for money.  I just wanted to share something with the world.  In the end, I ended up making a couple of bucks.  But in the beginning, I really didn’t care how fast my traffic grew.  In fact, I really didn’t watch my traffic at the beginning.

For me, it’s like weight loss.  When you start working out, you don’t see a huge difference.  Sure in a year, you can see a big difference, but the day to day, well there’s not a lot to see.

If you are starting a blog for money, you will want to watch your day to day activity and really hone in on your marketing skills to drive traffic to your site.

If you are starting a blog for fun, who really cares how fast it builds up.  People will come, it’s just a matter of when.

So How Do You Promote Your Website?

OH, the big questions, How Do You Promote Your Blog and what is involved in Promoting Your Blog?

There are two main ways to promote your blog.

  • Free
  • Paid

The option is up to you on how you want to move forward.  I will provide some examples below, but in the end, it’s your business.  For me, I mostly use free ways to promote my blogs.  When the opportunity arises, then I will use some paid marketing programs.  I know starting a business takes a ton of capital.  When I look at how little needs to be invested into a blog, well I can justify spending a couple of bucks when the time is right.

Promoting Your Blog the FREE Way

  1. Publish more Articles – The more articles you post, the more opportunity Google will pick them up, put them in their search results and people will click on them.  Now they can’t just be any article.  Do a little research and see what articles are popular.  See how many articles are already out theirs.  Are they good, could they be improved on?
  2. Newsletter – OK, this may be putting the cart before the horse, but this is something you need to consider.  Build an email list from the beginning.  When you send out newsletters, you will get a spike in traffic.
  3. Comment on Other Blogs – Make comments on other blogs.  Don’t just say great article.  Leave a comment that adds value.  Not only will their users see you, but the owner of the blog might reach out to you.
  4. Guest Blog – Look for blogs in your industry and reach out to them.  See if they accept guest blogs.  Do a little research before you reach out.  Tell them you are a follower and offer them good ideas of an article you can write that would fit in with their blog.
  5. Interview Other Bloggers and Ask Them to Share – Everyone loves to talk about themselves.  Why not interview a blogger and ask them to share it with their audience.
  6. Use Social Media – This is a no-brainer.  Use your social media accounts to spread the word.  Put up valuable postings, pictures or information.  People will follow you on the social sites, but many will come to your website.
  7. Cross Promote with Other Bloggers – Reach out to other bloggers and set up a cross promotion.  Maybe they are doing a giveaway you can promote.  In return have them promote something of yours.
  8. Visit Forums – Don’t just go to forums and start promoting yourself.  Be engage on the forum, add value.  Once people see you are there to help, trust me, people will reach out.  Maybe the owner of the forum will even let you post a link to your site.
  9. Make Use of Social Share on Your Website – Your website should have social share buttons. Encourage visitors to use them.
  10. Join Groups – FaceBook and Linkedin both have groups.  Find groups in your industry and start participating.
  11. Start a Podcast – This doesn’t always work, but from some, it’s a huge way to gain traffic.  Starting a podcast isn’t hard and takes very little overhead.
  12. Create a Guide – Guides are great tools to help promote you and your website.  These tend to get shared, plus you have a specific link to link back to.  A guide can be on anything, but make sure it’s valuable and different from what’s already on the web.
  13. Connect with other Bloggers – Reach out and talk with other bloggers.  Ask them what works and what helpful tips they may have for you.  Most people will be cool.  You will find some who are not helpful and don’t want to take the time, but who cares.  The payoff for the people who want to help outweighs the ones who don’t.
  14. Take Advantage of Local Media – If you are in a big town, this might not work.  For the local towns, people love to get stories on new business in the making.  The towns usually want to back you.  Reach out to your local papers and see if they want a great story.

There are a lot more ways to get visitors to your site.  I didn’t want to overwhelm you with all the ways.  What is listed above have commonly been the best ways to promote your website and gain traffic.

Promoting Your Blog the PAID Way

While there are numerous ways to promote your website, there are also numerous paid ways to promote your website.  As I said, I normally don’t do a lot of paid advertising, but when I do, the following two ways have been the best bang for the buck.

  1. Advertise – You can pay FaceBook or Google to show ads based upon your site or whatever you are looking to promote.  These can be very costly.  I am not a huge fan of using these tools except for certain circumstances.
  2. Run a Contest – A contest can be a great way to get people to your site.  Everyone wants something for free.  If you make it easy to enter, you will get people on board.  There is a fee since you have to buy the giveaway.  Sometimes you can get companies to sponsor the giveaway.

Getting people to your website can be done.  You need patience and a little knowledge.  Here is the deal, make it fun.  Don’t get stressed out.  When you get stressed out, it no longer becomes fun.  try to make a game out of it and see if you can top your recent results.

People will come just as long as you are trying.

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