Safety Gear for the Homeowner

Safety Gear for the Homeowner

Are you someone who likes to perform projects around your house?  I know I am.  First, I love the idea of saving money.  Most important for me, I love the feeling of accomplishment when I am done.  I love seeing the before and after and knowing that I made it happen.  Now I know I am not alone when it comes to wanting to work on your house or other cool projects.  However, we do have to be safe and that’s why I put together this Safety Gear for the Homeowner article.

When we want to upgrade something in our home or perform a cool project, what do we do?  We go online, get ideas and then start to read various DIY instructions so we are prepared.  We get all our tools and materials so we can get off to a great start.  While this all makes sense, we tend to jump over the first and most important step, safety.  Each year a lot of people get admitted to the ER due to an injury from DIY work and from power tools.  We have to remember that power tools can be dangerous.  Even if you are properly using them, they can still cause harm.  Think about all the power that is harnessed in your hand.  With blazing speeds, these power tools can throw debris around like nothing.

So with all that said, it’s crucial that you take all the necessary precautions when using power tools.  As a homeowner, your safety gear is a little different than what a contractor would use.  However, there are 3 things in common for the Safety Gear for the Homeowner.  Remember you only have one set of eyes and one set of ears, you need to do everything possible to protect them.  For this, safety glasses and hearing protection are critical.  Another must have safety gear for the homeowner is work gloves.

Safety Gear for the Homeowner

Safety Glasses

Safety Gear for the HomeownerI use the word glasses as a loose term.  You can either buy safety glasses or safety goggles.  The primary difference is safety goggles cover your entire eye including the sides so nothing can even come by your eyes.  On the other hand, glasses have a small gap between your face and eyes, so you could still potentially get debris in your eye.  Depending on what work you will be performing will define if you need glasses or goggles.  For me, I prefer glasses because I like the fresh air and they feel more comfortable to me.  I have numerous pairs of safety glasses, but I own two types.  I have a clear pair and a shaded pair for when I am outside and the sun is bright.

When you pick out a pair of glasses, don’t decide what to buy based on price.  Look for the quality and protection.  If you have to pay more, who cares.  After all it’s your eyes, protect them.

For me, there are two things I look for, I want something that meets the ANSI standard and something that is scratch resistant.  There is nothing more annoying than trying to work and have to deal with glasses you can see through.  So what do you think a pair of these type of glasses will cost?  How about under $10.  Not a bad price to save and protect your eyes.  Here is a pair of safety glasses I would recommend.  They have great ratings, low cost and meet my two requirements.  Check out the Encon Wraparound Veratti 307 Safety Glasses, Clear Lens, Translucent Blue Frame.

Amazon has a ton of different glasses available.  Also, check out your local hardware stores such as The Home Depot or Lowes.  Both places have quality glasses.  While you might pay a little more, you don’t have to wait for them to be shipped to your house if you are planning on starting your project in the next couple of days.

Remember you only have one set of eyes and they help you see the world in all beautiful colors, why take the chance and ruin your world?

Hearing Protection

Safety Gear for the Homeowner

As with your eyes, hearing is very sensitive and can be damaged extremely easily.  The main difference is you know right away when you damage your eyes.  With hearing, this is something you won’t discover until down the road when you are older.  For hearing protection, you have a couple of different options.  You can get foam inserts that protect your hearing or you can get full protection that completely covers your ear.  This really has to do with your preference.  Obviously, the foam inserts are much cheaper but don’t go off value.  Decide what you like the best and go with it.  The proper term is ear plugs and ear muffs, just in case you are looking them up online.

For me, I love the ear plugs.  While they are finicky to set up the right way in your ear, they are just more comfortable instead of having my full ear covered with the earmuffs.


Work Gloves

Safety Gear for the Homeowner

The third and final safety item you should utilize is work gloves.  When it comes to gloves there are a ton of options on the market.  You don’t need anything fancy, but you want something to protect your digits.  Again it really depends upon your work and that will dictate which gloves to buy.  Some gloves have extra protection on the palms and some have it on the knuckles.

Now the one down side to work gloves is they can make things harder.  If you are dealing with small screws, gloves can get in the way.  However, if you are working with wood, gloves help protect against slivers.  If you are working with metal, you can prevent small metal shards from getting cause in your fingers.  Not sure if you ever had metal in your hand, but it can be very annoying as it can be hard to remove.

Side Note

If you are using any type of saw or other power tools, just make sure you are not wearing baggy clothing.  Baggy clothing can be dangerous as that can get cause in a saw or some other power tool.  If you are working around electricity, just make sure you remove all jewlery, including rings, before you start.

In The End

In the end, you can protect your ears, your eyes and your hands for about $30.  Much cheaper than the deductible on your insurance, not to mention, much less painful.  Anytime you are looking to do a little work around your house, just make sure you always protect yourself.  Remember, safety first.


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