Samsung RF28HFEDBSR Review – Dual Cooling Refridgerator

Samsung Fridge

Our refrigerator broke about a year ago, so obliviously we had to buy a new fridge, which explains why we are writing about an older fridge. Before I go on, let me give you one piece of advice if your fridge dies.  Try to get it out of the house as quick as possible.  If a refrigerators stays around and is unplugged, you will get a nasty smell, no matter how clean it is.  Good news, if you leave the door shut, the smell shouldn’t be too bad.  From what the delivery guy told me is that over the years, food stains the inside of the insulation and once it gets warm, the orders come out to play.  We are fairly clean people, but the smell inside the fridge was awful once it warmed up.  I probably opened it up about 15 times before the new fridge came.  No, it wasn’t to smell it, but just out of habit.  I felt like the little mouse who would get shocked if he hit the wrong buzzer.  The only difference is he learned quicker than I did.

Samsung RF28HFEDBSR Review

Samsung RF28HFEDBSR Review Overview

Samsung is known to make great appliances, why they tend to be a little pricey, you do get a great value.  As you can see by the pictures, we bought a stainless steel fridge that has a double door with the freezer on the bottom.  At first glance, the fridge is a beautiful looking fridge with the nice stainless steel and nice front panel that controls your temperature and filter warnings.  You can also control your water and ice from this panel.  With a push of a button, you can switch from either crushed ice to cubes, you can also select water.

When you open up the double fridge doors, you can notice a lot of room with plenty of shelves and space for a variety of different size items.  One great feature is Samsung designed two of the shelves to easily move.  The top right shelf can be flipped up to store larger items like mild, wine bottles or other taller items.  The second shelf on the right also has a feature that allows you to slide part of the shelf back and store bigger items.  Regarding the shelves, they are very easy to adjust the heights and I have to say they are very sturdy without much play or flex.  I love the glass shelving.  Below all the shelving are two draws with humility temperature controls.  These can be great for fruit or vegetables.  Below these two drawers is one large drawer that also has it’s own temperature control for different types of food.  Inside this drawer, there is a divider that can be moved left or right to free up more space.  I have to say that the next fridge we buy, I will not get it with this big drawer.  I would rather just have to smaller drawers.  The reason being is because if I just want to grab the eggs from this drawer, I have to open up both front doors to open the inside drawer.  Yes I am lazy.  On the inside doors, you can store items like ketchup, mustard or varies bottle.  The right side has much more room where on the left side is pretty small due to the ice maker and water option.  I don’t want to say the left side is useless because any room is always good, but it is hard to find items that fit here.

Below the fridge, is one large drawer that opens to your freezer, which is surprising huge.  Also there is another drawer that opens and closes for even more organization.  At first I thought the freezer would just be a mess because you drop everything in, but actually everything stays pretty well organized and is very easy to see.  One huge downside to the freezer is the slides.  When you open the freezer, we have to pull extra hard to get it to fully extend.  For the first 8 months, I just always thought it was a bad design that the drawer didn’t pen up more.  however one day we were at the store and my son past the fridge and said there is our fridge.  I was just looking at it and opened the freezer draw only to find out it extends far.  I thought Samsung just fixed the issue in the new model, but when I went home and looked at ours a little closer, i realized the sides on our freezer were just getting stuck.  So once the freezer draw is half way open, I can pull pretty hard and get it to open another 12 or 15″ which does make a big difference.

When the compressor kicks on, it’s pretty quite.  For the size of the fridge, I would expect it to be a lot louder.  One thing to note is the fridge and freezer do work independently of each other.  Their are two compressors that cool each one.  Some fridges have one compressor that will cool both.  Also we have left different items in the freezer for a while and it really seems like we don’t see the freezer burn like we did with our old fridge, which is a huge plus if you’re an ice cream fan like myself.  Another key note is that this fridge also has an easy to access water filter.  Not a big deal for someone who has an RO System, but a note that is worth mentioning.  I do like how easy it is to change the filter.  Just twist and turn and it comes right out.  Another note with the stainless steel.  It does show marks and doesn’t always clean up nice with water.  We did find one item that does a great job cleaning the stainless steel, it’s called Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner

The Good

  • Makes ice quickly
  • Water is cold
  • Front panel looks nice and is functional
  • Great storage options
  • Easy to move shelving
  • Lighting is great, even in the back of the fridge
  • Temperature easy to change and does a great job of cooling down even if fridge door has been open a while.

The Bad

  • Water flow from the front is slow
  • Slides on freezer.  While the slide quality is nice, it just doesn’t open all the way unless you pull hard.
  • Bad design – Sometime ice builds up around the coils and you have to take the back off to fix it.
  • Ice cubes come out cut up and not cubes
  • When you try to get ice cubes, you will always get some water that comes out.
  • Hard to get the ice tray in and out.
  • If something falls behind the drawers in the freezer, it’s hard to retrive it.

Samsung RF28HFEDBSR Review – Putting it to Use

We have been using this refrigerator for the past couple of years and love it.  There are very few times we had too much in the fridge where we couldn’t get anything more to fit.  Doesn’t matter if we have a crock pot or box of pizza, it always fits and there is still more room left over.

If you are looking for a quality fridge with a lot of different configuration options, this is a great fridge to own.  While I am pretty sure they don’t have this model anymore, their newer models are very similar.

Final Thoughts

As usual, Samsung made a great refrigerator.  While it does have a couple little quarks, overall the quality and layout are exceptional.  There is plenty of room to store a boat load of items and is very easy to organize.  If your looking for a Fridge, check out one of the many Samsung refrigerators available.  They do have a lot of different styles, colors and models to pick from.

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