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What browser do you use?  Do you use Chrome, Safari or the other popular ones?  For me, I use Chrome for a couple of reasons.  First, I use a Chromebook and that is my only option.  However, I do have a windows machine and I also use Chrome on that system too.  Mainly because my favorites and everything else syncs across multiple platforms.  Now Google isn’t the only one to do this, but I figured since I use Chrome, I wanted to share some of my favorite Chrome Extensions, so I decided to create a Top 10 Chrome Extensions list.

Chrome Extensions are a way to make your browser more functional and a better experience for the user.  See Chrome has a ton of different extensions that are free and paid.  Some are great and some are just a waste of time and money.  So without getting too long winded, let’s jump in.

Top 10 Chrome Extensions




10Grammarly for Chrome

This is one of my favorite extensions.  If you are like me who just likes to type and isn’t very good with spelling or other grammatical aspects of writing, this extension is for you.  For the most part, this is pretty good at catching items and not giving a lot of false information.  The system knows when to us “To” vs “Too” and more.  I tend to rely on this plugin a lot.  The only downside is sometimes it can slow your browser and typing down at times.  Not that it happens a ton, but I have noticed for whatever reason, there are times when I am typing fast and the letters are very slow to come up on the screen.  Not that it happens much, but just an FYI.  If you encounter this issue, just save your document and that will pretty much fix the issue. Learn More


9Adguard AdBlocker

I don’t use this much because ads don’t really bother me.  I know people get irritated with ads, so this is a great way to stop them from popping up or showing off on a website.  Learn More


8Save to Pocket

This is another must have extension for me.  There are a lot of times I find something I want to read, but just don’t have the time.  You can sign up for a free account and no matter if you are on Chrome or your phone, you can save an article so you can read at a later date.  What’s cool about this program is it saves an offline version which is very helpful for me.  When I have to take a trip and stuck in a plane or the airport, I can break out these articles and catch up.  Learn More

7Tab Snooze

This is hand down my favorite extension.  I am the guy who is doing research and ends up having about 5 or 10 tabs open.  It’s getting late or I am getting bored and have to move onto something else.  I end up leaving the tabs open and it turns into a pain.  In the end I either accidentally close out the tabs, the power shuts down or Windows updated itself and I lose what I was researching.  With this extension, I no longer have to worry about this problem.  I can know just schedule when I want them to come back, so they are no longer in the way.  Learn More.


This isn’t for everyone, but I use this extension a lot.  Sometimes my computer is slowing down and it’s great to know if it’s my wifi, the internet, router or just the website.  This will do a quick check and let you know where the bottleneck is located.  Learn More.


This is a handy extension to have installed if you want to keep your browser and computer clean and fast.  I love the user interface and the ease of use.  You can pretty much decide what to keep and what to clean.  It has over 45K reviews with a 5-star rating.  Learn More.

4WOT: Web of Trust

I don’t use this extension, but have heard and read a lot about it.  It’s basically a user controlled extension that let’s user give feedback about if websites are safe for kids if the sites are clean and don’t have virus and more.  again, I don’t use it but wanted to include it since it has so much positive feedback about it.  Learn More.

3Search by Image

This is a very cool service powered by Google.  Have you ever seen a picture and wonder where it’s from?  This handy little extension will let you know exactly where that picture is located.  Now it doesn’t always work, but it shocked me how often it can determine where the picture is from.  Learn More.

2Better History

Another favorite extension for me.  I tend to look through my browser history because I found a website and don’t always put them in my favorites.  Sometimes I just want to go back and look at the site again or need something or some information from the site.  I can use the Chrome history, but this is much cleaner and easy to sort through days or weeks of information.  Learn More. 

1Save to Google Drive

This is another extension I don’t use, but it has a ton of people who love it.  With this extension, you can save web pages and more directly to your drive.  I use Pocket, but Pocket isn’t for everyone.  Learn More.

So there you go, the Top 10 Chrome Extensions.  There are a ton of Chrome extensions on the market, so let us know what ones you like the best.  Don’t forget to check out some of our other top 10 lists.

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