Top 10 Homeowner Tools


OK here is the deal, only 10 tools is very hard to do.  I am a guy and I love tools.  I could make a point to own one of every tool in the world.  Now Tara could make a point that I should only own a couple of tools.   But let’s focus on the positive and leave the negatives behind.  Obviously I didn’t include important things like a circular saw, reciprocating saw, nailer and other top tools, but I had to limit it to 10 tools because after all that is the article title.  So I tried to pick tools that are most commonly used in a household.  So here we go for the Top 10 Homeowner Tools.

Top 10 Homeowner Tools

10Tool Box

Yes, this is an obvious choice.  After all, where are you going to keep all your tools?  There are a ton of tool boxes available on the market.  You can buy anything from an inexpensive one to a professional grade tool box.  Some tool boxes are very inexpensive, but the plastic is so thin, they tend to break very easily.  However, with the professional brands, I think that is overkill for a homeowner use.  For the homeowner, I think there are two great choices.  For me, I like Stanley and Keter tool boxes.  Both brands have a bunch of different options to pick from and each one is great quality with thick plastic, usually metal hinges and more.


9Stud Finder


This is a must have tool.  Who wants to put a ton of holes in their wall trying to find a stud just to hang some curtains, shelves or pictures.  When it comes to stud finders, there are a ton to pick from.  I have tried stud finders from a couple of bucks to hundreds of dollars.  While the expensive ones are great for finding pipes and more in walls, it’s overkill for a homeowner.  For me, there is one clear choice, the Franklin Stud Finder.  This is one of the easiest and most accurate stud finders on the market.  No calibration needed.  Just push against the wall, press the button and move the detector.  Once it finds a stud, the LED will light up exactly where the stud is located.  The stud finder has great reviews on Amazon.  Check out our review of the Franklin Stud Finder.


Here is another must have tool.  Now this one is a little harder on which one to buy.  Again you can get a homeowner grade tool or professional (Show above). The decision is really up to you.  What I would look for in a drill is first, if you are going cordless, just make sure it has a Lithium-ion battery.  Second, you might want to see what other tools are in their line up.  Being a homeowner, I would go with Ryobi.  They have a huge line of tools and they can be bought at any Home Depot.  The prices are great and really haven’t ever had any issues with their tools.  I just love that you can expand your line while holding the cost down.

7Tape Measure

I am sure you were expecting this one in the list.  When it comes to tape measures, there are hundreds to pick from.  While I like the Milwaukee tape, I think it’s over priced for a homeowner.  My homeowner tape of choice would be the Stanley FatMax.  This tape has been out for a long time, use by professionals all over the country and has a long stand out.  Stand out is how long the tape can be taken out of the tape measure before it bends.  A long stand out is nice when you are trying to perform measurements by yourself.


When you hang a picture or shelf, you want to make sure it’s straight.  Nothing works better than a level.  Again there are a ton to pick from.  When it comes to levels, I really don’t have a level that I can highly recommend for a homeowner.  All most all levels are good since they all work the same.  They have some fluid with an air bubble.  For this, I would go off high reviews on Amazon to see what one is best for your needs.


5Impact Driver

This is a tough one because not everyone will get use out of an impact driver.  I wanted to include it because I know we have some serious DIY people and this is a great tool for certain applications.  With this, you can go with a professional brand, but if this is something you are only going to use a couple of times a year, I would go with Ryobi.


4Screwdrivers – Pliers

Hand tools such as screwdrivers and pliers are pretty much a no brainer.  There always seems to be a screw loose or at least that’s what my wife tells me.  This is another hard line to recommend because it really depends on what you want.  You can buy toolkits, but they aren’t always the best.  Sometimes they stick tools in there that are cheap just so they can claim to have a ton of tools in their line up.  I would suggest thinking about what you need and go from there.  Take a look at Amazon and see what has a lot of reviews and start researching from there.

3Utility Knife

Having a utility knife can be a life saver.  They are great for opening up boxes, packages and more.  I tend to like the Dewalt utility knives.  They seem to open and close nicely.  Changing the blade is easy.  You can get one that folds closed or one with a retractable blade.



A hammer will always come in handy.  So which one should you get?  There are a bunch of options on the market.  Just make sure you get smooth faced hammer.  You can tell this is the case because the striking head is smooth and doesn’t have a waffle pattern.  The only option you will have to decide is the weight of the hammer.  There are small hammers or larger hammers.  I wish I could recommend a hammer weight, but everyone will have different needs.  Amazon has a ton available and you can see what others are saying by checking out their reviews.


1Bottle Opener

Bottle Opener – For some of us, this might be the first and only tool you need.  Well except for a phone to call someone and have them do it instead of yourself.  I always figure, if you finished a project around the house, you deserve a drink, whatever that might be.

Again I know I missed a bunch of tools, so let me hear it down below.  Leave a comment and put me in my place.

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