Top 10 Things I Will Never Buy Generic


I know we all want to save money, including me.  There have been plenty of things I have bought the generic version of and have been completely happy, but there are those times where I did regret it.  Here is the funny thing about generic items.  Most of the generic items are made by the same manufacturer who makes the brand name item.  However, sometimes it really is a different company who makes the products and they don’t come close to the original brand name product.  Yes, some of the products below do have a generic version that is made by the company, but I still have to buy these products no matter what.  For me is has to do with two things.  First, I just love the taste of the brand version and can’t get over the generic taste.  Second, the product has never let me down, such as drill bits.  So why chance it to save a couple of bucks.  Anyways here are my Top 10 Things I Will Never Buy Generic.

Top 10 Things I Will Never Buy Generic





10Hellmann’s Mayonnaise


Not sure if this should be on my list as I have had a couple of different mayo’s that have been pretty good.  Not as good as Hellmann’s.  However do not give me Miracle Whip, that is nasty


9Heinz Ketchup

I love my ketchup with my fries, burgers and hot dog.  However I still yet to find another ketchup that compares to this delicious treat


8Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing

There is nothing like having a salad or a dipping sauce for vegetables like Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing.  I even love mixing it with a little mayo for dipping my fish sticks into.


Yes, you can save a fair amount of money by buying generic ear cleaners, but I have to say I haven’t tried anything as soft as a Q-Tip.



6Oreo Cookies

Twisting of the top, licking the filling and eating the bottom is such a delightful treat.  Is there really a need to explain myself about generic Oreo’s?



5Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Seriously, if you don’t know why this is on the list, you haven’t lived life because that means you have never eaten a Reese’s.  Who I am I kidding, everyone has had a Reese’s.


4Crayola Crayons

Wax is wax, isn’t it?  For some reason I just love Crayola Crayons.  Not only do they look pretty, they have awesome names like Jazzberry Jam.


3Eggo Waffles

All I have to say here is Buttermilk.  How can you just have two waffles?  It’s impossible


2Drill Bits

I learned this the hard way when I found a great deal on bits at Overstock.  Wow that was the biggest mistake.  It ended up being more of a hassle.



Sure there are other bandages on the market that are great, but we are talking about Band-Aid.  The same item our mother’s us to put on us when we were hurt.  Didn’t it always feel better once mom performed her magic and made everything all right?

What brands would you never substitute in your life?  Let us know.  I am sure I missed a couple obvious ones.

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