YouTube Channel Worth Watching – People are Awesome


Every day we get bombarded with news.  We have stress and worries that can consume us.  After a while, it can become too much.  I use to turn on the TV, but every time I do that, the news just makes it sound like the world is ending.  Then I started surfing the web, but again, it always has to do with the world coming to an end.  I guess bad news sells.  For me, I just like having an escape.  I have certain websites I visit that allow me to get out of reality for a little bit.  Everyone needs some sort of break or some sort of escape. Not sure what you do, but I sometimes check out YouTube and look for cool videos or channels.

One channel I wanted to share is called People are Awesome.  It’s a channel dedicated to people doing some very cool things.  I have to admit, I do question some of the stuff as I know some people can perform cool tricks with video angles and a little editing.  Now I am not saying any of this is fake.  I am sure it’s all really, but it is just so amazing that it does make you stop and think.  Here are just one of the many videos you can find on their channel.

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